Our Vision

To be one of the most respected and credible Insurance Brokers through Fair, Transparent, Competitive, Ethical and Expeditious Service.

Our Mission

To guide our customers transparently and ethically in their journey of buying appropriate insurance covers. We will stay focused on delivering superior products and excellent service to our customers and operate our business through shared value of trust, tolerance and openness.

Unilight is a home grown insurance & reinsurance broker duly licensed by IRDAI in 2013 . We are one of the fastest growing brokerage house in India ,driven by a group of industry professionals having expertise in providing clients with tailor made Insurance solutions including claims management risk, audit etc. Unilight recognises value of blending youth with experience and have built a strong management team which has acumen, wisdom, experience, future first attitude and ensures timely delivery of ‘real-time’ services.

The organisation practices sectoral expertise and each vertical is headed by a senior executive. The segment specific team is equipped with deep understanding of their area of expertise and help in providing the customers with an optimum insurance solution which is commercially sound and competitively priced. Over the years, we have developed sector specific skill sets in Manufacturing, Infrastructure ,Energy, , Ports & Terminals, Marine Hull construction Jewellers and Diamond processing, Financial Institutions Group, Specie , Cash management services, Privilege Signature Services.

As a practice we reach out to Corporates and assist them in managing and mitigating their risks. We are confident of our resources and capabilities to provide innovative solutions and the best services at all times. All our skills and abilities are concentrated in negotiating the most advantageous, commercially sound and competitively priced insurance program for each of our Clients.

Our prime focus has been on client service and satisfaction. We lay a strong emphasis on assigning the right service team members to each client, who would consider us as an extension of their own risk management team. Our commitment to quality and integrity is combined with our emphasis on speed and efficiency.

Unilight believes investing in building long lasting relations with its customer driven through our domain expertise and service commitment. Its unerring focus lies on de-risking the unknown and unforeseen risks faced by its clients in their respective areas of business and establish a responsible partnership which add and create value for all its stakeholders.

Our CSR Philosophy

We live a dynamic life in a world that is growing more and more complex. Global scale environment, social, cultural and economic issues have now become part of our everyday life. Boosting profits is no longer the sole business performance indicator for the corporate and they have to play the role of responsible corporate citizens as they owe a duty towards the society.

"Sustainability, social equality and the environment are now business problems.
And corporate leaders can't depend on governments to solve them”.

At Unilight we believe that " Integrating social, environmental and ethical responsibilities into the governance of businesses ensures long term success, competitiveness and sustainability”.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a continuous commitment of Unilight to improve community well being, through ethical contribution of our resources

It is the core corporate responsibility of Unilight to the society to pursue its corporate value enhancement through promoting, developing and contributing in the following areas :

  • Development of Education Infrastructure and promotion of Education. Construction of School Buildings with associated infrastructure in Rural areas, to ensure Quality Education for children in the remote Rural areas.
  • Promoting, developing and contributing in the field of sports like Swimming, Fencing, Football, Cricket, Badminton, Paralympic sports etc. Organizing different Coaching camps for children.
  • • Supporting the peoples affected by Cyclone, Flood and other Natural Disasters with supply of essential goods like polythene, food and medicines. Supporting them with financial assistance for rebuilding their homes damaged by these Natural Disasters.
  • Development of Drinking water facilities at remote Rural areas to provide safe drinking water to people.

  • Helping Handicapped people in Rural areas by providing them with specially designed scooters for commuting in rural areas. Helping handicapped people with Specially designed Electric wheelchairs for their movement.
  • Helping the Rural Health sector by distributing basic medical diagnostic equipment in remote villages in Rural areas.
  • Providing with financial assistance towards restoration of heritage sites, buildings of historical importance and works of art.

Board of Directors

Unilight Insurance Brokers Private Limited

Khushal Jhaveri Director

Jeegar Shah Director & Principal Officer

Naini Jhaveri Director

Unilight Re-insurance Brokers Private Limited

S. Narayanan Chairman

Biswajeet Mohanty Director

K.K. Aggarwal Director – Underwriting / Claim

Bhaw DuttDirector Commercial Business

Mamta Murarka Director

Core Team

Mamta Murarka Marine and Port Business

Jagannath Gupta Property & Casualty

S.Mohanty PV and Liabilities

Neeraj Raj Commercial Business - Mumbai

Abhay KumarRetail - National Head

Amit Paul Chowdhury Commercial Business - Kolkata

Debabrata Mohanty Retail Business - Bhubaneswar