Miscellaneous Insurance

Transit Insurance is one of the oldest forms of insurance Financial risk which are not part of or excluded under assets insurance policies can be insured under specific insurance policies designed to insure such risks. These policies are customized to suit the requirement of businesses and are flexible in coverage and premium. Followings are the most common form of miscellanous insurance policies being offered by insurers in India:

Business allowing sales on credits are exposed to the risk of their buyers inability to pay or pay their due in time due to various factors like bankruptcy, unexpected financial crises, political or economic conditions in the buyer’s country etc. Trade Credit Insurance provides protection to businesses against failure of its buyers to repay their dues or protracted delays in paying their dues thus ensures maintenance of cash flow, safeguarding position of the seller’s balance sheet and also providing security to the seller’s financiers.

Bankers business is primarily to deal in Money and Securities. Bankers Indemnity Insurance is a package policy designed to the specific needs of Banks which provides a very comprehensive cover for the financial assets (money and securities) belonging to or held by all categories of banks.

Any unforeseen event leading to cancellation of an event may results into substantial financial loss in terms of cost incurred and expected earnings. Sports and Event Insurance Policy covers risk of Damage to premises (Fire and Allied Perils), Property damage, Bodily injury, Cancellation of event, advertisement injury etc.

Money Insurance Policy provides protection to commercial establishments for loss of cash in transit (due to accident or other misfortunes like theft, pick-pocketing, snatching and hold-up) and cash in premises/safe due to burglary, robbery and dacoity.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy indemnifies the Insured (i.e. the employer) against direct financial loss of money or goods belonging to him, sustained through specified dishonest acts of the employee, in the course of his uninterrupted employment with the Insured. The dishonest acts which are specifically covered under the Policy are fraud, forgery, embezzlement, larceny and default.