Property and Casualty Insurance

Business and personal assets are exposed to various perils and consequential risks. These unavoidable risks need to be mitigated by implementing a comprehensive risk management strategy and solutions. Insurance is one of risk management solutions which transfer certain risks to insurers. Following are the most common form of property and casualty insurance policies being offered by insurers in India:

Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy is the most widely used named peril cover for all categories of Insureds to cover their buildings and contents, including plant and machinery, electrical installations, furniture, fixtures and fittings, as well as stocks of all types, including goods held in trust or commission. Coverage is on Reinstatement Value (new for old) basis except for stock which is on Market Value basis. Stocks can be insured on Declaration and/or Floater cover facilities

Industrial All Risk (IAR) Policy is an exclusion based comprehensive package cover, issued on ‘all risk’ basis covering Property damages, Machinery Break down and Business interruptions under a single policy. It overcomes a number of major constraints of the conventional named covers in Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy and MBD Policy.

Mega Risk Insurance Policy is the widest form of insurance cover, suitable for very large manufacturing risks with sum insured exceeding Rs 2500 Crores in a single location such as petrochemicals, power, steel, oil, gas and fertilizer plants, which may have requirement for customised insurance covers. It covers all buildings, permanent and temporary installations, mechanical, electrical and electronic equipments and all other contents, including own stock in trade, goods held in trust etc.

Commercial enterprises (particularly manufacturing units) often experience breakdown of plant and machineries, which require their repair or replacement. Machinery Breakdown Insurance Policy covers losses due to such internal breakdowns to mechanical and electrical equipment. Under this Policy, plant and machineries have to be compulsorily insured on Reinstatement Value basis.

Business Interruption Insurance Policy meant to cover loss of Gross Profit on account of reduction in turnover or output, following damage to the insured property due to operation of any insured peril under the corresponding Material Damage Policy. The Policy also pays for additional expenditure towards Increased Cost of Working incurred by the Insured, for utilising alternative sources and avenues to reduce the interruption effect.

The litigious landscape, developed legal frameworks, varied vessel and cargo interest around the world necessitated Port and terminal operators to look for customized comprehensive insurance solutions. Port and Terminal Insurance is an exclusion based all risk insurance policy covering port and terminal risks in one single policy.

Increasing incidences of terrorism poses unique threats not only to human lives but to corporates assets. Terrorism and political violence insurance is meant to take care of such risks either as an add-on cover in property insurance policy or a customized and cost effective Stand Alone Terrorism & Political Violence Insurance Policy.

Any damage to Boilers and pressure plants at manufacturing units can cause these to explode or collapse with resultant catastrophic proportions by damaging surrounding property of the Insured and/or others. The Boiler & Pressure Plant Insurance Policy covers all such risks.

Business premises (offices, shops, godowns or factories) are often at risk of having a break-in or burglary in the premises, causing a huge financial loss to the Insured. Burglary Policy provides protection against such risks.

Business premises (offices, shops, godowns or factories) are often at risk of having a break-in or burglary in the premises, causing a huge financial loss to the Insured. Burglary Policy provides protection against such risks.

Modern-age businesses have sizeable and cost heavy electronic equipment’s. Electronic Equipment Insurance Policy covers damages to various types of electronic equipment’s like computers, microprocessors, telecom equipment’s and medical/diagnostic equipment’s. Electronic Equipment Insurance is an all risk policy covering cost of repair or replacement arising out of damages to electronic

Construction project sites and other site involving work of material handling require deployment of different categories of mobile equipment’s such as bulldozers, cranes, excavators, dumpers, mixing plants, pavers, tunnel boring and drilling machines, pile driving equipment’s etc. The Contractor’s Plant & Machinery Insurance Policy provides comprehensive coverage against damages to these equipment’s.

Infrastructure development like construction of bridges, dams, roads, tunnels, ports and terminals, metro and other similar infrastructure facilities are exposed to various risk during construction period.. Contractor’s All Risk (CAR) Insurance Policy protects these different categories of civil engineering projects against various types of losses during this period.

The Erection All Risk (EAR) Insurance Policy protects all categories of mechanical engineering projects (involving construction of factories and installation of plants and machineries) against various types of losses during the erection and testing periods.

Advance Loss of Profit (ALOP) Policy provides protection against potential financial impact due to delay in project completion on account of loss or damage during the storage, handling, erection and testing phases of a civil or mechanical engineering project. ALOP Cover operate concurrently with Material Damage cover in place, through a CAR or EAR Policy