Reinsurance Insurance

Unilight has emerged as market leader in providing reinsurance support to domestic and international insurers both on Facultative and treaty arrangement basis. With the opening up of Insurance Market, India has witnessed entry of large number of private insurers and resultantly insurance market in terms of penetration and volumes has grown exponentially in last decade. Rapid industrialisation and focus on infrastructure development have seen risks growing in size and complexity. New aged service sector and E-commerce business has redefined business models and exposure to business risk. This economic environment change has resulted into increased demand of insurance protection both for insured and insures end.

We are committed to assist our cedants for their requirements across all Lines of Business but with a focus on the following lines.

How are we at Unilight different?

  • How are we at Unilight different? Our understanding of risks and ability to structure reinsurance programme.
  • Knowledge and ability to reach specialised reinsurance markets.
  • Credibility with reinsures and ability to deliver on-time facultative reinsurance support to our cedants at fair cost.
  • Post placement support in claim follow up and recoveries.