Risk Management

Unilight offers end-to end risks mitigation solutions to our clients beginning with risks identification, risks recognition, risks assessment, peer comparison and risks mitigation solutions while keeping an eye on the regulations in force. We continuously engage with client and also provide update on emerging new risks in changed business environment, major loss events and insurance solutions available in the market.

Our above approach has resulted us winning the trust of large number of Corporate clients and helped us in becoming a leading insurance solution provider in the country.

How are we at Unilight different?

  • How are we at Unilight different? Team of experts with understanding of practices, risks, exposures across industries.
  • Ability to carry out risk inspections, safety audits and project risk consulting for identification of risks and offering Loss Prevention solutions.
  • Provide Innovative Insurance Solutions that help in risk mitigation and risk management.
  • Technical Assistance in communicating Industrial Risk-related information and Risk Reduction/Mitigating Measures to your company’s board, technical committees and/or the (re-) insurance industry.