Specie Insurance

Some of uncommon trades and assets carrying disproportionate values have special risks and insurance requirements which are requires specific insurance policies covering associated risks. Followings are the most common form of Specie insurance policies being offered by insurers in India:

Finite and older than mankind, some almost as old as the earth itself, diamonds and gold are rare and protecting the irreplaceable requires specialist knowledge. Our team at Unilight takes an entrepreneurial approach to finding customized solutions for diamond manufacturers, gold jewelry wholesalers, jewelry retailers, watches retailers, luxury goods retailers, precious stone dealers and secured carriers.

Fine Arts would include not only paintings, but also any other object which is subject to value appreciation due to age, description, history and rarity e.g. sculptures, visual arts (ceramics, murals, works on paper etc.), other antiques, rare stamps, coins or other collections, vintage vehicles etc. Fine Art Insurance Policy provides protection to private collectors and dealers against loss or damage to these very high value items on an agreed value basis.

Cash Logistics and ATM Service industry around the world witness substantial losses due to theft of funds by external attackers and infidelity of employees during transit of cash and vaulting of cash. Cash Currency Management Services Insurance Policy provides cover to these operator safety from any kind of physical loss handling, storing and/or transporting valuables.

Personal / Business loan against security of gold or bullion is picking up momentum. As a process, Banks, NBFC take gold and bullion in their custody and retain till the loan is repaid. These possessions need to be protected against risk of Fire, Burglary, transit risk between bank branch to custodian branch or vice-a-versa. Bullion custodians and Vaulting contractors also have similar needs for protection. Bullion insurance protects bullion throughout its journey.